Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Middle East Tour Begins! 7-1-09

Our Middle East tour begins today as we fly out from Atlanta. Please be praying for our safety. Stay tuned for more photos to come throughout the next three weeks.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jan '09 tour ends

So the tour ended this past Tuesday at the masquerade. It was a bittersweet night because we had a great turn out, but at the end of the night we had to part ways with some of our new best friends, Lights Resolve. Please, please, please go check their music out at They are so good and deserve all the support the south can give them. We will try and get them back down here before the year is up. These last couple of pictures are from the Pentagon 9/11 memorial. A very humbling, and eery feeling visiting the sight.

The path the plan actually took into the side of the pentagon

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry it's been so long

It's been a while bc our hotel in philly wouldnt let me upload photos bc of some dumb fire wall! So let me fill you in. We had our show in Manhattan last thursday and decided to drive to philly early to settle in because all of our shows were in an hour driving distance from our hotel. Well, on the way to Reading, PA our van broke down...i know, bad luck. We had it towed and had to miss the show. Picked it up the next morning good as new. The next night our show had been cancelled in Jeannette, PA so yet another night spent in the hotel. Drive out to Westchester, PA the next day (Monday) to only find out an hour before load in that the show had been cancelled due to bad weather. Apparently the Northeast isnt prepared for snow...WHAT?! Drove back; another night in the hotel. Finally, tuesday night we played Philadelphia to a pretty packed room which was nice. We played Albany, NY tonight and it's Syracuse tomorrow. I'll explain some of the photos throughout this blog.

The next 2 pictures are of our van breaking down and having to tow it and the trailer away

Had a legit cheesesteak from the legendary Pat's and Geno's in Philly (for future reference, Geno's is better)

Independence Hall, the birthplace of the USA, no big deal

Andrew with Pres. Washington
In the back is the Actual chair George Washington sat in while the Dec. of Independence was signed

Stephen likes firearms
The reason i had a bad night in Albany. My main E string broke during the last song and head stock was cracked in half...gaaaahhhhhh!

Andrew's take on the Pete Townshend windmill spin

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calm Cool and Collected

Let me give you a re-enactment of what happened to us on the NJ Turnpike on Jan 11th. We're riding along and all of the sudden we hear this big scraping sound. Me, Andrew, and Luke are freakin out bc we think we're going to crash. Stephen in the most calm voice looks in the rear view mirror and says (like it's no big deal) "Our wheel just fell off our trailor. I'm going to pull over." We pull over and hear this huge THUD! Stephen: "that was our wheel that hit us."

But the day turned out to be great and we played a great show in Hoboken, New Jersey that night and we got to drive through the most beautiful city in the nation.